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Those of you who are active on Instagram and follow male fashion bloggers are probably extremely familiar with Daniel aka Magic Fox. He’s one of the leading street style starts for wearable men’s fashion and his Instagram account itself has over 1.4 million followers while his blog The Modern Man, a joint venture with Sandro and Kosta, is one of the top men’s fashion blogs in the world. The German trio shot to popularity a few years ago when they overtook Instagram by storm, being featured on numerous accounts and have a personal style that everyone wanted to copy. Along with a few other male social influencers, I would say that Magic Fox is partly responsible for the craze that it is today.

I’ve followed him for a long time as his outfits and fitness posts are always amazing, but I’ve noticed how much of a love of denim he has. You will often see Magic Fox in his skinny jeans with his outfits, but he’s very particular about the fits, often getting them tailored to be perfect. He used to wear a lot of Diesel jeans, but lost interest in those and now favours slim and skinny fits from Levi’s, H&M and Zara. He prefers his jeans to have a little slouch to them and a cotton/elastane blend with no more than 1-2% stretch as he doesn’t like the legging fit. Daniel’s even been known to customize his jeans with distressing, raw hems, and will always make sure they’re tapered to a 15cm leg opening to fit over his chelsea boots.

If you’re a guy that prefers to wear women’s skinny jeans or likes the really tight fit that’s like a legging, this video definitely wont be for you, but if you’re more into the slouchy skinny which fits a bit looser with a more rigid denim, it might be worth checking out if you love Daniel’s style. Also, if you’re into the look with chelsea boots, you can check out his favourite boot recommendations by clicking here. In the meantime, here’s some of the jeans he loves and you can shop them below. Are you a fan of Magic Fox?

Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans | Levi’s 512 Tapered Skinny | H&M Skinny Low Waist

Image Credit: The Modern Man


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