McGuire Denim Newton Exposed Button Skinny Pants In Pinot Review


McGuire Denim Newton Exposed Button Skinny Pants In Pinot Velvet Review

My denim review this week is on something a little different – the McGuire Denim Newton Exposed Button Skinny Pants in Pinot Velvet. I had been admiring these on the Shopbop website for a few months and thought they were gorgeous, but I wasn’t really sure how well they would suit me and if the velvet fabric would be baggy or ill fitting (like it can be), so I held off getting them until I decided it was time. I’m glad I did get them as they actually surprised me in a few ways, so let me get to the review and tell you why.

The Fit: The cut of these pants is a mid to high rise skinny. It features an 8.75 inch rise, an inseam of 28.25 inches, and a leg opening of 9.5 inches, so it’s a very well fitted skinny. I think the rise is just the right height to be comfortable, covering, and adequate for the exposed button fly. The skinniness of the pants is also perfect for the fabric as well, as it’s not restricting, but it doesn’t look sloppy either. I’ve tried velvet pants before and often they aren’t cut so skinny and can look a little outdated and ill fitting, but these don’t.

The back pockets are not my favourite though, which I say honestly. They are quite long and narrow, so they aren’t the most flattering on the butt as you can see. I prefer my back pockets to be a little wider and shorter so that the bottom of the pocket hits the bottom of your cheek, without being on an angle. These pockets are spaced quite far apart, so they don’t give that uplift to your butt that I’m fond of.

The Sizing: As this is my first time trying McGuire Denim, I chose my safety size of 27 in them as I wasn’t sure which way to go. I’m between a 26 and 27 in most brands and figured it would be the best bet, and I was right. They are quite tight at first, but they mould to your body pretty fast and are incredibly comfortable. If you’re between sizes like I am, I recommend your larger size. To help you, I’m a 27 in MOTHER and these run quite similar to that.

The Fabric: The fabric itself is a velveteen, made up of 75% cotton, 23% polyester, 2% elastane. It’s made in the U.S.A as are most premium denim jeans that I review, so that’s great. It’s extremely lightweight and thin, all while being stretchy at the same time. I know velvet is known for being sturdy and not stretchy at all, but somehow McGuire managed to turn this fabric into a velveteen that’s thin and very stretchy. I wouldn’t say it’s the best looking velveteen I have ever seen as it doesn’t have that luxurious feel to it, it’s very matte and flat, but in order to make it this stretchy and comfortable, I think that was probably the route the brand had to go down.

The Colour: Pinot is quite right with the shade for a name. It’s a deep burgundy with purple undertones to it, but it’s not so rich like a jewel tone that it has depth to it. It’s a burgundy tone with a matte finish, if that makes sense. The colour that it shows up on Shopbop (using a MacBook Pro) and the photos in my review here are quite accurate. I said which laptop I use though as different screens can make a difference.

The Details: The details on these McGuire Newton Velveteen Pants are great though, I love the exposed row of buttons at the front, featuring engraving on them. The stitching threads around the button holes could have been neater as there’s white thread showing through, but the set of 5 buttons is what attracted me to the pants in the first place. They’re really cool! They also have the classic McGuire Denim stitching on the back pockets, which is like a broken up, half missing M on a V shape. Other than that, the stitching is tonal and there’s no other details which stand out, so the main focus is on the exposed button fly.

Overall Opinion: My overall opinion of these McGuire Denim Newton Exposed Button Pants is a mixture between positivity and negativity. I absolutely adore the exposed buttons, the Pinot colour, the velveteen appearance, and the skinny fit, but the downfall for me would be the back pocket size and placement as I feel it could be better suited to me (my personal preference), and the overall finish of the pants with the stitching and fabric. I can sort out the threads though as I can cut them off, which will neaten it up, and since these are velvet, they’re more of a winter fabric anyway which means a long coat would mostly be what I wear them with (see my outfit here). The positives outweigh the negatives for me though, and I really do like them a lot! What do you think? I would love your opinions on them as well.

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